Commercial Business Manager-南京 at Novo Nordisk

Posted 3 days ago

  1. 业务管理, 确保项目指标达成:深度了解辖区的内外部环境,行业动态,熟悉业务情况,与合作商业伙伴建立深度合作关系,持续进行项目管理。对区域CME广阔市场项目销售指标负责(负责1省或多省份,指标基数大于1800万,增长量大于350万)
    Management of business and ensure project targets are fulfilled: in-depth understanding of internal and external market environment, and the pharma industry trend. Familiar with business conditions, establish a deep cooperative partner relationship with business partners, continuously manage the project. Responsible for CME regional broad market project targets achievement (one person takes charge of one or more province, index base is more than 18 million RMB, growth is greater than 3.5 million RMB).
  2. 合作伙伴管理:与经销商建立合作伙伴关系,并通过管理合作伙伴来完成区域的业务目标;与商业伙伴进行季度回顾,定期与商业销售团队协访,了解市场情况,并确保商业推广行为合规
    Partner management: establish partnership with distributors, implement regional objectives by well managing partners. Quarterly review with business partner, regular visit distributors and its sales team, so that to ensure commercial promotions are in line with compliance, and partner do appropriate promotion.
  3. 项目管理:与合作伙伴进行项目管理,定期拜访商业总部及其分子公司,确保项目顺利执行,和NN内部进行项目定期回顾,协调内部资源的支持与匹配
    Project management: manage the project with commercial partner, regular visit HQ and branch company of commerce, ensure well execution of the programs, activities of project. Regular review the project with NN team and coordinate the supply and distribution of internal resources.
  4. 提高合作伙伴团队的专业能力:定期给合作伙伴及其团队提供培训,确保业务伙伴销售团队有所需的知识和能力进行学术推广(产品知识,疾病知识,合规知识, PV 知识)
    Improve professional capacity of partner: by providing training for our partner, ensure the equipment of required knowledge and capability of their sales team (product knowledge, disease knowledge, compliance and PV knowledge ).
  5. 协助合作伙伴,提高辖区内HCPNN产品的知识:督导商业伙伴制定区域市场推广项目,支持商业组织学术会议,协调NN讲者资源,并跟进商业执行学术推广项目
    Support partner to enhance HCP’s acceptance / knowledge of NN products: Supervise the development of academic promotion projects of the partner, support the scientific component of academic conference, coordinate speakers’ resources and follow up the implementation of project promotion.

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